Goodness, you've somehow got lost and wound up here. How did you manage that?

I'm a 24 year old female from New Zealand. I have many fluctuating interests, with art, horses and LOTR being the constants in my life. My official home on the internet is over at, so if you would like to see some of my art please visit me there! :D

Current Obsessions (in no particular order):
- BBC Sherlock
- Supernatural
- Recently rekindled my love for North & South from a few years ago, which certainly didn't have anything to do with being reminded Richard Armitage exists. Nope.

Things I still love and stalk others' blogs for, but don't reblog much myself anymore:
- Hetalia
- Avengers
- Teen Wolf
- BBC Merlin series

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I prefer plot/character/theory discussion/meta to shipping, tbh & I do have a love-hate relationship with fandoms in general.
But ship stuff does find its way on here and rants aren't all that common. Frankly it's just pretty chill here.
Thanks for visiting!

I’ve been trying for MONTHS to redraw Dís ever since that one accidental sketch in December with no luck, and suddenly stupid doodling last night turned into the only success(ish) so far. Apparently when I want to draw humans (or in this case Dwarf women) my tablet just poops everywhere, and when I don’t intend to it only takes me an hour to do the bulk of it, without a reference. Having said that, there will definitely be weird anatomy going on in there. :P

Yes Dwarf ladies have beards.

P.S. Drawing an Armitage nose is difficult. For me, yo. Because the awesomeness can’t be penned. Also I like can’t even draw textbook noses

And I have the most inconsistent drawing style ever. Woe is me. 8D

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